Something Authentic – ‘Flying’ by Seize the Day

A great song and video about the environment by a radical English acoustic band. The song’s lyrics talk about the effect on the environment that flying can have, while at the same time accepting that it would really be very difficult to take the decision not to use aeroplanes.

‘I will recycle, I’ll ride my bicycle, I’ll walk into town, I’ll turn the heating down, I’ll fill my kettle halfway, listen to everything else you say… but don’t take my wings away.’

Most coursebooks these days have a unit or a lesson on being green, so some good supplementary material here. More info on the band can be found at

P.S. One of the singers just so happens to be my sister.

Seize the Day

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1 Response to Something Authentic – ‘Flying’ by Seize the Day

  1. This brings back memories 🙂


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