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Mulled Wine – A Christmas Treat

I’ve had lots of requests for the mulled wine recipe I used at our Christmas drinks party last night, so here goes. It’s based on a Jamie Oliver recipe which can be found here.  It takes a bit more effort … Continue reading

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How to write a TEFL CV

Part of my job involves teacher recruitment and therefore I’ve seen a good number of CVs over the years. Very few of the CVs have stood out, and many have been, quite frankly, terrible! Some facts about CVs Recruitment websites … Continue reading

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Warmer of the Week – Polarisation

Here’s an idea for a simple, low preparation, communicative activity to set the context and lead in to your lesson. The basic procedure Write ‘I agree’ on one side of the board and ‘I disagree’ on the other side of … Continue reading

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Thank you for 100,000 hits!

So after starting this blog as a New Year’s resolution back in early January, today sees me welcoming my 100,000th view.  I must say I’ve been rather overwhelmed by how far reaching the blog has been: 180 countries and counting… … Continue reading

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Routines with Young Learners – A guest post by Jenny Holden

Today I have the great pleasure of publishing a guest post written by the Young Learner Coordinator at my school. I’ve been trying to persuade Jenny to share her YL expertise here for some time and she finally surrendered. Some … Continue reading

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A Story out of Context

Today I cleared out a cupboard full of old teaching material (I know how to have fun!)  I had accumulated files full of worksheets and little cut up cards I had made or photocopied years ago and inexplicably saved. I … Continue reading

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Getting Instructions Right

This is my third post in a series of posts going ‘Back to Basics‘, re-examining techniques and ideas introduced on teacher training courses. One of the first things that is often taught on a teacher training course is the importance of … Continue reading

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