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My one-to-one student just wants to chat

So, after planning a lesson tailored to the needs of the individual student, all they seem to want to do is have a chat. You start to wonder if it is worth planning the lesson at all.   Then there’s … Continue reading

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The 5-Second Rule

There is a common adage that any food dropped on the floor is safe to eat if picked up within five seconds. Now I’m not sure if this is a theory I subscribe to wholeheartedly but I’d be lying if … Continue reading

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How did it get so late so soon?

Despite its questionable grammar and lack of apostrophes, I like the Dr. Seuss poem above. It highlights a common difficulty faced by many teachers. 5 minute warmer took 25 minutes? Lesson ended on a grammar presentation? No time for practice? … Continue reading

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Tweaking Delayed Error Correction

One of the most difficult tasks for teachers is listening to the learners when they are speaking and finding appropriate things to give them feedback on. A common approach is to provide a delayed error correction slot when the learners … Continue reading

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50/50 correction: My favourite error correction technique

A simple but effective technique for on the spot ‘hot’ correction. Look at these example classroom interactions: Student: I /laɪked/ Paris very much. Teacher: You /laɪked/ or /laɪkt/? Student: /laɪkt/ Student: I have never ate Chinese food. Teacher: ate or eaten? … Continue reading

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