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Incremental Coaching – A Better Alternative to Formal Observation

How to write a TEFL CV

Creating Community

Community (noun [uncountable]) /kəˈmjuːnəti/ – The feeling that you belong to a group and that this is a good thing.

Creating Community in a language school

Back in January 2013, I gave a talk entitled ‘Creating Community’ at the International House World Organisation Director of Studies Conference in London.

The talk focusses on the extra services schools can offer their students to create a more vibrant community.  The abstract and video can be found below.

Everyone in the school has a part to play in marketing and selling services, the DoS included. In this session, we will examine what gives us a unique selling point and look at some of the additional services IH Palermo has offered its students in a bid to create a vibrant community in the school and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

Creating Communities of Managers

In a similar vein, managers and teachers also need opportunities to meet and feel part of a community. Josh Round has very wise words for ELT managers on this topic in his excellent blog post ‘It’s good to talk, isn’t it?‘.

Creating Community in the staff room

See this blog post for an idea for a (low preparation) teacher development session idea I had for focussing on getting teachers communicating with each other.

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