Back to Basics

It’s June in Sicily… Not only does that mean it’s starting to get really hot here in Palermo, but it also means I’ll soon be wearing a different hat at work… We have a CELTA course starting in a couple of weeks. It is fascinating being the other side of a CELTA course as a tutor and it really takes me back to my own CELTA course many years ago at this very school. Over the next few weeks, time permitting, I hope to blog about some of the methodology and ideas introduced on a CELTA course in a series of posts going back to basics. 20140605-225859-82739650.jpg So expect posts on lesson planning and aims; instructions and classroom management; concept checking; meaning form and pronunciation; lesson types; and whatever else emerges in the course. Watch this space…

Back to Basics blog posts

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  1. lizziepinard says:

    You could also get your trainees to do a joint guest post reflecting on their CELTA experiences/top ten things they’ve learnt (or similar) with you.. 🙂


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