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Starting with Quotations

Stuck for an idea for a lead-in? Starting a new unit and don’t want to go straight into the book? Not sure how to set the context in a communicative way? This simple idea might be just the activity for … Continue reading

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Warmer of the Week – Polarisation

Here’s an idea for a simple, low preparation, communicative activity to set the context and lead in to your lesson. The basic procedure Write ‘I agree’ on one side of the board and ‘I disagree’ on the other side of … Continue reading

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A Story out of Context

Today I cleared out a cupboard full of old teaching material (I know how to have fun!)  I had accumulated files full of worksheets and little cut up cards I had made or photocopied years ago and inexplicably saved. I … Continue reading

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Starting with a Definition

An easy and surprisingly engaging way to lead into the topic or theme of a lesson can be to get the students writing a definition of the word central to the topic.  Many lessons and units in coursebooks have titles … Continue reading

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